Driving lessons to get an driving license in the Netherlands in Amsterdam at Verkeersschool Nelen with English instructors.

Get a driving license at Verkeersschool Nelen Amsterdam or Purmerend (also expats)

I want to drive in the Netherlands / I need a dutch driving license 

When you are not from a EER-country and you want to drive a car in the Netherlands, you can sometimes exchange your driving license from another country. You can drive for 185 days with the driving license from your own country. The RDW  has more information about an exchange and explains in English : https://www.rdw.nl/englishinformation/Paginas/English-information-about-your-driving-license.aspx?path=Portal/Information%20in%20English/Driving%20licence

After the 185 days you have to retake the theory and practical exam in the Netherlands in order to have a valid driving license. The CBR is the organization who´s taking the practical and theory exam.

This is also the way voor expats to drive in the Netherlands.

Once you are a student at Verkeersschool Nelen you will get a login for www.rijlesplanner.nl. If you want, you can look your appointments informations, invoices and progress online at the Rijlesplanner.nl. You can log on at our website www.nelen.nl. On our homepage you click on Inlog Leerlingen Rijlesplanner. We will send you the log on bij email. Fill in your driving school code and the emailadress you use at Verkeersschool Nelen. When you download the Rijbewijsapp that comes with it, you can also see everything on your smartphone. This app reminds you 15 minutes before your driving lesson starts and give you a overview from your lessons progress and payments.


Verkeersschool Nelen can provide you with English books to learn the theory. Within this set there are internet exams. After reading and learning the books, you can plan some private lessons with one of our English speaking instructors. The theory exam can be done at CBR in English and has to be scheduled bij Nelen. Another language than English? Therefore you need te arrange an official translator (more information at www.tolkennet.nl/cbr).

Verkeersschool Nelen has several driving instructors who speak fluently English and can learn you how to drive safely. The practical exam can be done at CBR in English or another language (then you have to bring your own translator). We have to let the CBR know in advance when we schedule your exam. Your driving instructor can also be the translator.
For a good progress, we advise to take a driving lessons every week for a double hour.

Schedule exams pratical/theory:
As soon as you can apply an exam, this will be scheduled together with the administration.
Once a date is agreed then the exam will be planned and the exam is final.

We have different Packages:
Nelen Instap Pakket contains:

Theory course, theory exam, 18 hours driving lessons, own statement (required by CBR), 1e practical exam, remittance Bovag guarentee Fund. Price €999,- (normal €1323,-)

Nelen Basis Pakket contains:
Theory course, theory exam, 30 hours driving lessons, own statement ( required bij CBR), 1e practical exam, remittance Bovag guarentee Fund. Price €1550,- (normal €1905,-)

Nelen Compleet Pakket contains:
Textbook including speedtheory, Theory course, theory exam, 30 hours driving lessons, own statement (reqiured) interim examination, 1e practical exam, remittance Bovag guarentee Fund. Price €1790,- (normal €2146,-)

10 hours package:
By advance payment and pay in once it will be €460,- for 10 hours.

A lesson voor 1 hour is €48.50,-

We select an instructor for you. Should it be that the instructor not suits you or the times you can take lessons, you can call us and ask for another intructor. We will certainly look for another good intructor for you. Also when your instructor is sick we will find another instructor for your driving lesson so you won’t stand still.

Bovag Guarantee Fund:
We are members of the Bovag Guarentee Fund. This means that every learner who takes lessons by a connected Bovag driving school, when there is a advance payment for a package or exam, the advance payment will be insured. For this you have to pay once €15,-.
You also get a lesson agreement where all rules and conditions are listed.
In this Bovag conditions is also a cancellation rule included. If you are unable to attend your appointments at Nelen then you can (during office hours) 48 hours prior to the appointment, cancel your lesson for free. When you call of too late, we need o charge you that lesson.
Bovag also watches over the validity of instruction papers of colleagues and every instructor that works at Nelen has a VOG (confirmation gooed behaviour).
There is also a possibility to schedule theoretical (private) and practical driving lessons in spanish or the german language at Nelen.